Bengawan Solo Coffee serves coffee in traditional styles such as espresso, latte, cappuccino, and macchiato. Our signature black coffee is consumed by many coffee lovers. Bengawan Solo Coffee develops ice blended drinks that have become favorites among the customers.
Our three best seller are: The Ultimate, Brandy Cookies, and Java Avocado. For those who enjoy their cup of coffee in the office, home and also at special events, fresh coffee packets are available in the outlets.

To compliment the drinks, Bengawan Solo Coffee serves Indonesia style snack food such as sate pisang, pisang goreng, singkong and lumpia. For those who prefer dry finger nibbles, there are crispy brownies, biscotti and croissants to go along with their coffee.
ice blended
We take special attention to make our Ice Blends, using high quality ingredients to zing up the day. Three best seller are The Ultimate, Brandy Cookies, and Java Avocado.

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To those who need caffeine-free drinks, Bengawan Solo Coffee offers several thirst quenching drinks such Joyful Guava and Lovely Orange.

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espresso based
finger food
Our high grade coffee beans are always freshly roasted for servings in the outlets. Coffee based drinks include signature black coffee, coffee latte, cappuccino and macchiato.

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Indonesian style snack such as sate pisang, pisang goreng, singkong, and lumpia can be found on our outlets. Classic finger nibbles like crispy brownies, biscotti and croissants.

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